Our mission is to help your brand grow up and move forward. We handle the daily administrative tasks of a company on a contractual basis. DATAPIX team feels proud to be a part of a company's success.

Web Design

We Provide Professional & Affordable Website Designing Services. Services such as customised website design, Web 2.0 design, WordPress designing, open source designing and website redesigning services. Save more than 70%! In today’s internet era it is becoming more and more essential to hire professional web development companies to keep you abreast with the evolving times. As an especially web design company we make your website equipped with every aspect of the solution your business deserves. Having a website loaded with your products is not enough anymore. Interactive, user-friendly and updated website is the call of the hour.

Web Development

Our Web Development Services can vary from having a database driven business website, real estate website, educational website, restaurant website, personal website, an e-Commerce Website so you could start selling online, a CMS Website for easy and quick editing or Custom Booking Systems with CRM Integration to cut down admin costs and further increase sales. In short we are ready to deliver you any kind of customized web development solution.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Internet Marketing Services or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the primary tools of professional internet marketing that every website must employ, otherwise the online presence of the company is sure to face a down-slide.The ability to design and implement a web page that is search engine friendly and yet provides customer satisfaction, better return on investments and high conversion rate is known as a SEO web design.We can offer the SEO services you are looking for that can keep you ahead of your competitors.

Graphic Design

Our designers are specialize in brochure design, print marketing and corporate branding. Our goal is to help you achieve a professional and consistent look throughout all of your branding starting with your logo and carrying through your website, brochures, business cards, logo, banner, social media post, t-shirt design etc.

Data Entry & Lead Generation

We have a great team of Data Entry Specialist who are specialize in admin task, fastest and accurate typing, excel data entry, excel data collection, web research, Lead generation, data collection from web, pdf conversion, image to word/excel, video to word/excel, bulk data entry, making fillable pdf, skip tracing etc. We also work as a Virtual Assistant to handle your daily bulk task.

digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Team are specialize in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Display Marketing (PPC), Online Brand Promotion, Targeted-Email-Marketing, Brand SMS Marketing, Domain Registration. Our goal is to help you achieve goal according to your business plan. Don't waste your time to start growing your business with our Digital Marketing expert.